North Fork Chocolate

We handcraft “small batch” Artisanal Chocolates and Gourmet Desserts from products of local farmers on the east end of Long Island. Only fresh, natural ingredients go into our products. Belgian Chocolate blended with wholesome creamery products and filled with fresh from the farm local ingredients; fruits, vegetables, dairy, spirits, sea salt, herbs, and honey. Our desserts never use any of those liquid eggs, fillers, and funny name things you try to pronounce. We have one body to take care of and we care about what goes into to it, and we care the same for you. That’s why we select unsalted fresh churned creamery butter, whole milk, and vegetarian fed free range chickens for our eggs.   Farm, to mixer, to oven, to you!  We manufacture under New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets out of the Stony Brook Incubator at Calverton. Our team has a broad range of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry for many years.  Chef is a graduate of Johnson and Wales and nominated for the James Beard Award on the Pacific Coast where he lived in Hawaii, and also traveled through Europe-Spain, Italy, France learning from the world’s Top Chefs!  Today he handcrafts for you our products inspired with passion, creativity, and love.  

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