cHarissa is the unique Montana-to-Morocco spice that melds with your own good ingredients. It doesn’t smother like other condiments. It blends to spice up everything and that’s why it’s good on everything from snacks to sumptuous meals, from salads to veggies, from barbecue to burgers.

cHarissa is the brainchild of Earl Fultz.  Years into retirement, Earl made his dying wife Gloria, a promise: he would turn her family recipe into a household name — cHarissa.

“What she wanted to happen was to fill the void, find something meaningful to do with your life other than practice shuffleboard,” Fultz said. “I do choke up sometimes talking about her.”

Made by hand on Long Island’s North Fork, the special seasoning was an instant hit

The taste is unique. Gloria, a Moroccan Jew, had altered an age-old seasoning to appeal to her American family’s palate, mixing cumin, lemon juice and olive oil and sea salt.

Soon his condiments and rubs were getting kudos from gourmet magazines and winning awards, including one for best start up in the nation. It’s now served up in Yankees Stadium.

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